Podcast explores UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard


14 December 2023

The latest podcast from Mitsubishi Electric focuses on the future of sustainable buildings and highlights the benefits of the new UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard. 

“By establishing a clear and measurable standard, the initiative aims to eradicate greenwashing and foster genuine sustainability efforts across the industry,” explains Dan Smith, host of the podcast and Sustainability and Construction Manager for Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric is a Gold Sponsor of the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard and believes that the quest for sustainability in the building industry has now reached a pivotal juncture with the emergence of this groundbreaking initiative.  

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The standard is aligned with other standards helping to signify a united front in the industry and setting out a clear course for achieving Net Zero carbon emissions.

In the podcast, Smith speaks with the Chair of the Governance Board of the standard, David Partridge. who provides insights into the development of the standard, its goals and future implications. 

“Our conversation with David highlighted the critical role of collaboration, transparency, and innovation in this journey,” added Smith. “As we move forward, the rule book for defining a Net Zero Carbon building which the Standard will define promises not only to guide the industry but also to transform the very foundations of sustainable building in the UK, shaping a greener and more responsible future for all.” 

The full podcast is available on Spotify or Apple.