Conex boosts specifier support with BIM


26 May 2021
BIM modelling is increasingly used in digital building design

Conex Bänninger has increased its support for specifiers by making detailed design and technical information about its HVACR fittings available as BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects using the NBS (National Building Specification) construction data platform.

The move means that architects, engineers and contractors have access to data-rich 3D and 2D digital representations that show the physical and functional properties of each product.

Providing the details in a digital format gives those responsible for project specifications a better insight into how each component fits into the overall system or building design. It aims to make the designers' task easier, saving valuable time. Having downloadable files in accessible formats also aids collaboration between different parties working on a construction project.

Dan Wild, business unit director for the UK and Ireland, said: “In this era of digital building design, architects and designers are increasingly using BIM modelling. By investing in BIM objects and the digital tools that NBS provides, Conex Bänninger is demonstrating its strong commitment towards supporting specifiers, enabling them to have a greater understanding of the features and benefits of our products. Through NBS, manufacturers and specifiers can work directly together, enabling us to deliver the highest levels of customer support.”

Hosted on the NBS platform are the >B< MaxiPro range for ACR applications, flame-free >B< Press copper fittings, plus compression and brazing solutions.

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Conex Bänninger BIM objects are in accordance with the international standard ISO 23386:2020, which means they are machine-readable, versatile and consistent across different software. The models have been created to be BIM Level 2 compliant, enabling a higher level of collaboration, with the CAD software capable of exporting to the common file format COBie (Construction Operation Building Information Exchange).

Wild added: “As a global brand whose products are in demand in markets around the world, it’s only right that we utilise the most innovative systems and technologies that help maintain our leading position at the forefront in our industry.”

Conex Bänninger