Pastorfrigor earns A rating on new ecodesign label


28 April 2021

Essex-based Pastorfrigor GB is celebrating an 'exceptional' new ecodesign energy label A rating for its latest Genova Overview range of integral plug-in refrigeration solutions.

A new version of the EU energy label came into effect on March 1 and is now applicable to refrigeration and freezers in all supermarkets and convenience stores. The UK has continued with the new energy label changes, and has committed to matching and even exceeding the EU’s ecodesign standards in order cut energy bills and carbon footprint.

With more products achieving ratings as A+, A++ or A+++ according to the past scale, the recent change sees a return to a simpler A-G scale designed to strengthen manufacturers' sustainability credentials by feeding in more ambitious designs into future energy-related products.

Simon Robinson, managing director at Pastorfrigor GB, said: “This is massive for Pastorfrigor to be the first to an A rating when a B would have been considered exceptional. The new regulations emphasised that an A-rated cabinet was not to be expected in 2021 and the best in class would be a C rating. To receive an ecodesign A rating is exceptional. 
“The difference in energy consumption between A and C can be as much as three times the energy used. This fact highlights the scope there is for improvement in our market and how far ahead of the game we are with our new Genova OV.

“To be the first refrigerated display cabinet in the world to achieve ecodesign label A is a fantastic result for our technical team. Refrigeration is often thrown away and ends up in landfill due to faults that are either costly or impossible to fix, so it is positive that we are able to manufacture refrigeration that has been given an A label.

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“As the market for efficient refrigeration continues to grow, we will continue to lead it by meeting and exceeding current standards on sustainability and efficiency labelling. Rescaling the energy efficiency class of refrigeration will ensure continued functionality in the market.”

Introduced to the market less than 12 months ago, the plug-in Genova Overview range is a turnkey solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and food-to-go businesses that look to replace their refrigeration overnight.

The full Genova OV range is available using the natural refrigerant R290 and has a maximum charge per system of just 150g, making it a very green solution. GD cabinets are the lowest energy in class delivering an additional 25% energy saving over the older Genova model, while its BT Frozen food cabinets are also available on R455a, which is a new blend with a very low GWP at just 150. 

The system is said to allow significant reductions in consumption and noise, layout flexibility with the widest modularity, immediate installation, wide product range and tailor-made solutions.