Panasonic remote assistance boosts customers


02 November 2021

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions says its IFS Remote Assistance solution has had a positive impact on improving customer service efficiency across Europe.

The company reports that the initial response times have been improved, the remote diagnostic and fault resolution have been increased, and a higher customer satisfaction level has been achieved. 

When a customer contacts the Panasonic service department, an online video session, either by PC or mobile device, is initiated and this primary function is used to help determine the root cause of the issue. This ‘remote access first’ approach has helped to focus activities where they are needed and provides the Panasonic service team with the resources to help their customers efficiently and without the need for excess travel. 
Richard Bishop, head of marketing for Panasonic UK and Ireland, said: “We take customer service very seriously, and with this new approach, we are now able to provide the same level of technical advice as previously, but we are now doing it remotely. This means that the costs are reduced, travel is reduced and it’s much more efficient.

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"For example, for a heating breakdown, where previously it may have meant that the customer would have to wait a day or two for an engineer to visit, has now been reduced to a mere matter of minutes, leaving the heating system operational again and the customer thrilled that we have attended to the situation quickly and effectively. We see many benefits coming from this flexible and dynamic tool. It will be extremely useful for on-site training, especially when engineers are unable to physically attend a Panasonic training centre but can virtually join through the IFS Remote Assistance tool.”

The system has so far been deployed across Europe, with Germany, Italy and the UK taking particular interest as it provides an easy-to-use tool for sharing videos, audio and text data from live projects on site.