Panasonic extends warranty scheme


27 November 2017
Panasonic has launched a new warranty scheme for heating and cooling products bought in the UK, offering up to seven years of cover.

The company says the scheme, which is effective from 1 December, is designed to provide a range of options for installers. The extended warranty periods of five and seven years are dependent on the installer successfully completing the relevant training from Panasonic or an authorised distributor.
Paul Aitchison, Technical Manager, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions, said: “Our range of warranties gives peace of mind to those specifying, installing and using Panasonic heating and cooling solutions. Linking the Extended and Extended+ warranties to training adds value for installers and their customers, ensuring they are compliant, competent and fully trained to install Panasonic heating & cooling products safely and correctly.” 
For installers to offer their customers the standard three year warranty on products from Aquarea air to water ranges, they must be able to show a knowledge and understanding of heat pumps. For Panasonic’s air to air products, they must be F-Gas registered.
For the extended warranty period of five years, installers will need to complete a Panasonic training course with an assessment test at the end. Successful participants will then be issued with a unique ID to enable them to offer their customers the five year warranty on all purchases of Panasonic heating & cooling products (subject to terms & conditions and the requisite maintenance checks).
For those selected and trained Installers, Panasonic will extend the warranty period to seven years if the installer submits the warranties to the Panasonic PRO Club website. Installers will need to load the Panasonic-approved commissioning documents to the Panasonic PRO Club, accessing the warranty area with their unique ID (no proof of purchase required), ensuring that the products and installation are traceable. The installer will receive an added benefit of higher rates for maintenance and repairs. In order to maintain the extended warranty, the installations must be maintained by a Panasonic-approved installer.
The old warranty submission scheme on the Panasonic PRO Club site and based on installations prior to 1 November conditions will close for new applications on 30 November. All purchases under the new warranty scheme will benefit from full parts and labour allowance.
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