Panasonic delivers HVAC makeover


02 February 2022

A high-end cosmetic retailer recently opened new stores at two of the UK’s largest shopping centres, Lakeside Retail Park and The Centre at Milton Keynes. Both stores have been fitted out with Panasonic HVAC systems to deliver customer comfort and safety.

Panasonic worked with HVAC installer CER Inst to deliver energy-efficient solutions. Four Panasonic ECOi 3-pipe VRF units were incorporated into the design at Lakeside (totally capacity of the project 195kW) and three ECOi 2-pipe VRF systems at the Milton Keynes store (total project capacity 270kW.  

For the 24,000 sq ft Lakeside store, CER specified Panasonic ECOi 3-pipe VRF units combined with cassette, ducted fan coils and ERV units to deliver a high energy-saving performance, powerful operation, reliability, and consistent comfort throughout the space. Other Panasonic features such as off coil temperature control, nanoe X technology and AC Smart Cloud helped land the contract.

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Another important aspect in the design features inflatable sock systems, fed from the Panasonic PAW 01 recuperator technology which has added DX coils for temperature control and provides a cost-effective fresh air and extract solution that was internally fitted to the rear wall and avoided a costly route to the roof. The sock systems provide a fresh air supply environment, evenly distributed throughout the whole store, avoiding expensive duct installations. The socks were dyed to the retailer's corporate colours to blend in with the colour scheme of the store. This design was then repeated at the Milton Keynes site.

John Hazelton, managing director and founder of CER Inst, said: "Panasonic HVAC technology has made a real impact upon the UK market in recent years. We have been impressed with Panasonic’s performance compared to competitor brands currently on the market. Having worked alongside Panasonic distributor AMP for many years, we have been impressed with the support we receive, from the design phase, throughout the installation and aftercare support to be both reliable and efficient, making the decision to support a Panasonic solution an easy step to make.''

The Milton Keynes project had different challenges, within a 1970s building and a larger retail space of 30,000 sq ft. As well as off coil control and nanoe X technology, the installation also included the Panasonic AC Smart Cloud control system to further enhance the energy efficiency of the system.