Panasonic adds indoor air quality CPDs


20 July 2020

Panasonic has new training on indoor air quality (IAQ) to its CIBSE-accredited CPD courses.

The new CPD, which can be taken online, highlights the importance and benefits of good IAQ, and looks at the impact that poor air quality can have on health, well-being and performance in all types of indoor environments.

Lee Howes, Midlands Specified Sales Engineer at Panasonic UK, said: “Our CPD programme has proved very popular as an educational resource which is easy to access online. We have developed the new CPD on indoor air quality to answer the needs from building services engineers, facilities managers and HVAC installers for more information on this important area. Recent reports in the media have raised questions about terminal fan coil units and their potential effects on the workplace. This new CPD presents clear information and guidelines addressing these needs, and of course Panasonic has a range of unique solutions available to help overcome these issues.”

The new CPD covers:
•    Importance of Indoor Air Quality
•    Possible Health Effects
•    Bacteria & Viruses
•    Effects of Mould
•    Pollen & Allergies
•    Nanoe X Technology
The free-to-attend sessions are being run by Panasonic’s specification team using video conferencing via Microsoft Teams, and typically last approximately one hour. Delegates need to register in advance and are given the chance throughout the session to interact and ask questions. Upcoming dates are :

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•    Thursday, August 6 (10am)
•    Thursday, August 16 (12pm)
•    Thursday, August 20 (10am)
•    Thursday, September 3 (12pm)

To register your interest, email: [email protected]. Additional dates are available on request.