Panasonic AC for serviced offices


09 August 2023
The St John’s Innovation Centre at Silicon Fen

A serviced office building has upgraded its air conditioning with a new Panasonic 3-pipe ECOi-EX VRF system designed, specified, and installed by Pitkin & Ruddock.

With 88 current tenants, the St John’s Innovation Centre at Silicon Fen, near Cambridge, was looking to update part of its its air conditioning in key areas.

Pitkin & Ruddock specified eight 3 pipe ECOi-EX with the outdoor units linked to 64 indoor compact cassette units, ranging from 2.2kW to 5.6kW, serving offices, meeting rooms and hallways. All the units come with Panasonic’s nanoe X air purification technology as standard. 
“We worked closely with St John’s to coordinate the large-scale renovation to ensure everything progressed smoothly. It was key that we had the stock available for installation in as little time as possible,'' said Stephen Brown, Technical Sales and Project Engineer at the Bury St Edmunds branch of Pitkin & Ruddock. "Working with Panasonic previously, we knew they had the capacity to deliver the stock for when we needed it.”

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The outdoor units had to be placed at ground level next to the building, as the roof space was already at capacity. The flexible piping length of up to 500m ensured the units were able to reach the indoor units, no matter where they are situated in the building. Additionally, the units had a silent outdoor operation with a minimum of 54dB(A) meaning the outdoor environment is not disturbed.

Miranda Edwards, Facilities Manager at St John’s Innovation Centre, said: “We are extremely happy with the Panasonic install at St John’s Innovation Centre.  This will be serving our multi-occupancy building of high-tech start-ups businesses.  The installation was professionally carried out with very little disruption to our tenants. We are also pleased that the upgrade has improved our Energy Performance Rating. We would like to thank both Pitkin & Ruddock and Panasonic for their excellent service.” 

Rob Towell, External Technical Sales Account Manager at Panasonic, said: “This unit is an ideal solution for this office space. Being able to deliver a cost-effective solution that also has excellent energy efficiency gives the added benefit that it can contribute to savings long term on energy bills. Additionally, our nanoe X offers great benefits to spaces like this, enhancing the indoor air quality for a clean comfortable office environment.”