PACi outlet temperature boosted to 55°C


21 April 2022

Panasonic has increased its PACi Water Heat Exchanger R32 Inverter’s maximum water outlet temperature to 55°C for medium temperature applications and ensures reliable performance at -20°C in heating mode. The unit is available in capacities between 20kW-25kW. 
To ensure optimum performance, the inlet and outlet water ports have been swapped to allow for the 55°C flow. Furthermore, thanks to its split design, the heat exchanger can be located within the building, which avoids the need to use a glycol antifreeze and therefore maintains efficiency.
As well as being designed for small commercial spaces, the PACi Water Heat Exchanger R32 Inverter is now also suitable for residential installations and offers a space-saving unit at only 205mm in depth. The unit also has two installation options: floor-standing and wall-mounted, depending on the user’s needs.


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