Opportunities and challenges for RACHP


05 July 2022
President Mike Creamer addresses guests at the IOR Annual Dinner

President Mike Creamer highlighted future opportunities and challenges the industry will face in his address to members at the IOR Annual Dinner.

He pointed out that the world’s dependency on cooling comes at a cost, with the sector responsible for approximately 17% of total electricity consumption, generating around 4 billion tonnes of annual CO₂ emissions. With an ever-increasing demand for cooling, innovation will be key in developing efficient systems, which will help to deliver the UK’s net zero targets.

But he emphasised that system maintenance will need to play an important part in this drive for efficiency. He said: “Yes, our industry produces highly sophisticated, energy-efficient products. The designers and manufacturers of these systems are to be commended. But our work cannot stop there – we must look after these systems.”

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He also spoke about the importance and the need to attract a more diverse workforce. He said: “This need for a greater skilled workforce is why the Institute’s networking group, Women in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps – is so important. Just over 50% of the UK population are women and I know from experience that women are woefully underrepresented in our industry.”

He concluded his speech by suggesting the creation of a new branch of training and underpinning certification, aimed at efficiency optimisation of systems. He said, “Optimising system efficiency might be very appealing to younger men and women, joining us at the coalface, perhaps acting as a dedicated workforce with specific energy optimisation skills!”

The address was an opportunity to thank the trustees, committees and working groups for their efforts. The current president also welcomed the appointment of Graeme Fox as his successor.