Online CPDs with Toshiba and BL


21 May 2020

Toshiba has joined forces with Belfast-based BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to present a programme of online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for building services consultants and engineers.

The first virtual CPD module on the basics of VRF air conditioning was presented earlier this month to an audience of consultants participating online from across Belfast. More than 30 people attended, representing six leading building services consulting firms.

The course was organised jointly by Ken Lawlor, Toshiba sales manager for Ireland, Paul Turley, Toshiba regional specification manager for Ireland, and Keith Elliot, technical director of BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

“We have an excellent working relationship with BL and have collaborated on a number of classroom-based CPD courses in the past,” said Ken Lawlor. “Physical meetings are obviously difficult at this time, therefore switching the training sessions to online provides a brilliant solution. It has the added benefit of making it possible to extend the courses to a larger audience than would normally be possible in a classroom situation.”

Toshiba led the content while BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning championed the online session, notifying clients and inviting people to sign up.

 “We asked people to circulate the details to colleagues who might be interested to learn more about the technology and principles behind VRF systems,” said Keith Elliot. “The take-up for a first event of its kind was fantastic, and even better than we had hoped. Having proven the approach and the appetite, we are now planning a wider roll-out of online training in the coming weeks.”

Consultants are expected to accumulate a certain number of CPD credits over a year, as part of professional career development. However, with most working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak, many are finding it difficult to meet the requirements. “Online courses offer the perfect solution, and are a highly effective use of time for everyone involved – as there is no travelling or set-up time,” said Ken Lawlor.

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Toshiba CPDs are already available via the company’s online training portal, and CPD modules for sister brands Carrier and CIAT will be available shortly.

Courses are certified by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), and participants are presented with certificates and credits towards their annual personal CPD targets. In addition to courses on VRF air conditioning, modules include an update on the latest F-Gas legislation, and how to apply the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) to air conditioning in buildings. The full programme includes the following six modules:

• CPD 1: A basic guide to air conditioning;
• CPD 2: F-Gas: A detailed look at the latest legislation and its implications for the air conditioning industry;
• CPD 3: Refrigerants: Current and future refrigerants, and the impact of the F-Gas regulation on their use;
• CPD 4: BREEAM, Pump Down and EN378: An overview of EN378 and BREEAM credits for DX systems, and Toshiba's solutions to comply with legislation;
• CPD 5: Variable Refrigerant Systems: A guide to VRF system technology, building on Module 1;
• CPD 6: Compressor Technology: The different types of compressors used in DX air conditioning, their application and comparison. 

For more details on training,  visit the Toshiba website.