Offering Net Zero opportunities to installers


19 October 2023

Oliver Collins, Channel Marketing Manager for Contractors at Mitsubishi Electric, on why the company has launched a new Committed Carbon Reduction Partner (CCRP) accreditation to support its customers in reducing their own carbon emissions, and secure new business by differentiating themselves from competitors. 

The UK has signed up to legally binding targets to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 and many companies across the world are making plans to decarbonise their businesses long before then. They are therefore looking for suppliers that can help them on that journey and that’s where HVAC engineers can play a major role. 

Net Zero has been called a destination without a road map and everyone is starting from a different position, so we want to help our Partners on their own journey.  We’re confident that being able to demonstrate their own commitment to net zero, will help our Partners secure more business and safeguard their future.

Building services such as heating, cooling and hot water are key considerations in reducing any businesses carbon footprint as they are significant energy users in buildings of all types.

Skills and knowledge

HVAC engineers are in an ideal position to help advise their clients on the best way to improve performance to reduce carbon. They already have the skills and knowledge to help customers understand the areas where performance can be improved through better maintenance regimes, or when a system needs a complete upgrade.

Modern air conditioning, for example, can help reduce emissions with heat recovery systems transferring otherwise wasted heat from one part of a building such as a kitchen or IT Server room, to areas that need heating, such as offices, lecture theatres or hotel rooms. 

Energy efficient ventilation can also reduce energy consumption with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) capturing up to 90% of the heat energy from outgoing air to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat up the incoming air.

We have now also entered the age of the heat pump with systems that can deliver temperatures of up to 90°C. Knowing this, many businesses are now actively planning to remove gas from their sites completely. 

However, more and more clients are also asking for details of a contractor’s own Net Zero plans.

Demonstrating commitment

All types of businesses are trying to plan for Net Zero and the stages needed to get there, whether they have declared a target date of 2030, 2040, 2050 or anywhere in between. As a business, customers need to plan for the year ahead (budget planning); plan for the next 5 years (forecasting); and plan for their future (legacy planning).

This has created increasing demand for more sustainable suppliers across the industry, and if contractors take action to make their own operations more sustainable, they will be well-positioned to win new business today and into the future.

Ask yourself if you know your existing carbon footprint and whether you have all the documentation to prove you comply with all necessary business requirements should a customer ask for it?  One way you can begin this journey is by starting to review things and this is why we as a business are now offering our customers the opportunity to become an accredited Committed Carbon Reduction Partner.

Mitsubishi Electric has extended the invite to all Partners throughout the HVAC industry to help them embark on their own journey towards Net Zero.

The new CCRP accreditation will help installer Partners prepare for net zero by formally recognising their efforts to reduce carbon emissions across their business. This will allow Partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to environmental leadership and responsibility.

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Becoming a CCRP will demonstrate installers dedication to environmental responsibility and leadership within our industry.

Mitsubishi Electric has set the criteria and will support Partners on their journey to CCRP accreditation. The company is also developing an online asset library to enable Partners to meet the required standards.

We are proud to have launched this accreditation programme which will equip Partners with the credentials needed to win business in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, We also firmly believe that by working together, we can also make a lasting and positive impact on the wider construction industry.”

Support along the way

Accredited Partners will receive a marketing toolkit to help promote this new status including a certificate, CCRP logo and listing as an accredited Partner on Mitsubishi Electric’s website. 

This will allow Partners to showcase their environmental credentials and meet growing demand from suppliers during tender and specification processes. 

Successful applicants will also develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed to devise effective carbon reduction strategies, enabling them to stand out within an increasingly sustainability-conscious marketplace.

The accreditation is open to applications from all existing members of Mitsubishi Electric’s Partner Programme. In order to become a Committed Carbon Reduction Partner, Partners will need to fulfil a range of criteria including having a carbon reduction plan in place, an established pledge for achieving net zero and a specific training standard.

It  enables installers to showcase their commitment and gain trust with customers. It can also help unlock contracts from the growing number of public and private organisations that are prioritising sustainability. 

With exclusive marketing support from Mitsubishi Electric and ongoing learning from the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Partners can increase the knowledge and understanding they can offer their customers.

The starting point is measuring your own carbon footprint and Mitsubishi Electric has partnered with Climate Partner to offer corporate carbon footprint calculations to Partners.

This is an essential first step in understanding the source of your CO2 emissions across your business, identifying opportunities for reductions, and giving you the opportunity to offset the carbon you have produced.

  • Mitsubishi Electric invites all partners to embark on this journey towards Net Zero. To get involved, partners can get in touch with their Account Manager or the Partner Programme Team - [email protected].


Adam Morse, Managing Director at Sustain Homes: “From the vehicles we drive through to how we tender for business, the road to Net Zero is already having an impact on every area of our business. A big part of this challenge is navigating the white noise around sustainability, and focusing on what we can, and need to deliver now to prepare for the future. I’m confident that the Committed Carbon Reduction Partner Accreditation will support us in decarbonising our organisation and promote our efforts, as we work towards reaching this goal.”

David Frise, CEO, BESA: "Improving collaboration across supply chains will be essential to the delivery of carbon reduction goals. This scheme is, therefore, a welcome way for professionals with a shared vision to work together, including many specialist contractors. Improving professional standards and broadening our skills base will also be crucial to reducing the carbon impact of the built environment.”