Nuaire ventilation for Art Nouveau restoration


31 January 2019
Nuaire XBC heat recovery units and fans have been installed at Mackintosh at the Willow tea rooms in Glasgow as part of an extensive restoration of the iconic 1903 Art Nouveau building.

Entirely designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, from the architecture to the furniture and cutlery, the building is recognised as one of the finest complete Art Nouveau schemes in the world.
Building services engineering, low carbon and sustainability consultancy Rybka provided the mechanical and electrical services for the project and chose Nuaire’s award winning XBC units. These supply and extract systems deliver filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale, stagnant air from the interior. Each unit has a heat recovery element that is capable of transferring the heat that would otherwise be lost into the incoming air flow.  
The XBC’s slim profile enabled Rybka to achieve the exposed services approach throughout each floor by ensuring that the correct performance and control measures could be achieved. As each room features multi-purpose spaces, each ventilation unit was required to be energy efficient and controlled to suit the varied room uses and operational times.  
The noise levels were also key to meeting the required conditions for each room. Nuaire bolt-on attenuators provided reassurance that the break out noises from the unit and ventilation system would not affect the required levels in each zone.
In addition to the XBC units, a large number of Nuaire fans were installed, including Squif extract fans for the kitchen; AVT extract fans serving plant rooms, toilet blocks, powder room & service areas; OPUS local xxtract fans serving WC areas; and Ecosmart Boxer supply fans serving the kitchen.  
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