Nuaire aims to create 'safe haven'


21 April 2021
Nuaire's Haven terminal

Ventilation manufacturer and air quality specialist Nuaire has launched its Haven terminals, designed to reduce or prevent the risk of spreading airborne pathogens and other pollutants in shared spaces.
Current Public Health England guidance states that: “The transmission of COVID-19 is thought to occur mainly through respiratory droplets generated by coughing and sneezing and through contact with contaminated surfaces. The predominant modes of transmission are assumed to be droplet and contact.” 
At the beginning of the pandemic, airborne transmission was not considered a primary cause of infection, however, there is emerging evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through poorly ventilated spaces. Nuaire believes its Haven Terminals could provide the missing link in ensuring air quality is as good as it can be. 
Managing director Wayne Glover said: “The launch of Haven comes at just the right time for employers and their teams, with health being at the top of everyone’s agenda in the current climate. We believe that this unit addresses the shortfalls of common air ventilation practices and instead offers a straightforward method of ensuring that each occupant receives the correct amount of supply and extract ventilation for their general health, comfort, and wellbeing. Not only can this prove reassuring to employers and team members, but it can help to reduce workplace illnesses also.”
The patent applied for Haven has an extract capability whereby dirty or contaminated air can be removed from the indoor space and discharged to the building exterior, ensuring a consistent and optimally ventilated environment within individual workspaces. Air filtration of all known grades including Carbon Absorption, Coarse Particulate to HEPA, and more can be incorporated to offer additional peace of mind to the building owners and its occupants. 
Glover added: “Our Haven range of supply and extract terminals were in development long before the COVID-19 outbreak in response to helping customers provide healthy, well-ventilated working areas for their teams. However, the pandemic has served to further demonstrate the true importance of healthy indoor air quality. We wanted to create something that was easily configurable and simple to install. 
“We hope this product will become the standard for those looking to create healthy indoor spaces, or a ‘safe haven’ as we like to call them.”

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