New IOR Trustees and President-Elect appointed


07 November 2023
IOR President-Elect Lisa-Jayne Cook

Lisa-Jayne Cook was confirmed as President-Elect and two new Trustees were announced at the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) annual meeting.

Four members stood for the two Trustee vacancies this year and Julie Murray and Dermot Cotter were elected. John Skelton, whose term as a Trustee has now come to an end, was appointed as Treasurer, taking over from Nick Rivers.

IOR President Graeme Fox thanked all four candidates who stood for election to the Board of Trustees for their willingness to volunteer. He confirmed that all who had stood would be encouraged to take part in IOR activities and committees.

Lisa-Jayne Cook

Cook will formally step into the role of President when Fox’s term concludes in November 2024. She has been a Trustee for three years and has been actively involved with ACRIB, INWIC (the International Women in Cooling Network), and is currently the IOR’s Women in RACHP Chair. A strong advocate for STEM, she completed the STEMAZING training and promotes encouraging young people into RACHP careers. 

She said: “I'm thrilled that members have placed their trust in me with this significant responsibility. I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the role alongside Graeme and supporting our members in tackling the challenges our industry is currently facing, such as environmental, training and inclusion issues.”

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Dermot Cotter

Already heavily involved in the IOR’s Papers and Publications Committee, Cotter chairs the monthly online papers and discussions.  He is also working as part of the TICR project that the IOR is a partner in, which is addressing the sector’s net zero challenges. Cotter was awarded the IOR Kenneth Lightfoot Medal for his paper last year. 

Julie Murray

Murray is well known for her key role in the IOR Scotland branch, where she was Vice-Chair before becoming the Chair in 2018 for three years. She remains actively involved in the branch and sits on the IOR Scotland Dinner Sub-Committee. 

A complete list of current Trustees and information about the role and elections processes are available on the IOR website at