New digital manifold range from Testo


19 March 2021

Testo has introduced a new range of digital manifolds for the installation and servicing of refrigeration systems, air-conditioning, and heat pumps.

This new generation of manifolds offers a robust design with weatherproofing to IP54, providing a reliable tool for outdoor use and a large graphic display that allows all measurement parameters to be viewed on a single screen. With the ability to connect Bluetooth probes, the new range offers a wireless measurement solution and is complemented by a new multi-functional Smart App.

The large dot-matrix type LCD display of the testo 550 and 557 models can display all measurement values on a single screen allowing users to view all required values without scrolling between screens. Also, the display is capable of graphical representation of ‘analogue’ dials and digital values, allowing a simple transition for users who have previously used purely analogue gauge sets.

A range of Applications

The testo 550s and 557s give all values at a glance and is suitable for a range of applications on refrigeration, air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

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Key models in the new range include :

  • 550i – 2-way 'smart block' manifold offering an entirely digital option

  • 550 – 2 way manifold with large graphic display

  • 557 – 4 way manifold with large graphic display


Product features include :

  • Bluetooth wireless smart probes for temperature and vacuum with 100m range

  • Pressure leak test function on testo 550s and 557s with a graphical representation of values

  • Live measurement and display of superheat/subcooling values

  • IP54 protection class for reliable outdoor operation

Testo 55x