Munters takes control


05 February 2020
The AirC platform will first launch with ML dehumidifiers The AirC platform will first launch with ML dehumidifiers

Munters says the launch of its AirC control platform will revolutionise its climate control systems, making them more intuitive and energy efficient.

The company believes the new AirC system will transform the way its equipment operates, helping customers to optimise energy consumption and allow service and system updates through remote access.

The digital display gives operators access to everything from system status to the humidity controls. The full coloir screen can be fully customised to show the data that is most important to the user. 

“We’re really proud of how we can improve our products’ performance through AirC,” says Fredrik Östman, Product Manager at Munters. “Not only does it revolutionise the way we work, but it revolutionises the customer experience. It’s a very easy-to-use system, but it’s also incredibly intelligent in terms of capability.”

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Behind the display, the hardware is also said to be much more advanced. The design allows for multiple internal sensors to be connected to AirC, further expanding the level of information available. The software can also be used to fully automate systems, ensuring they run at optimal efficiency levels at all times. This means that users can spend less time on operation and less money on energy. 

“It’s a system that will constantly evolve too, and will always give customers access to new functionality even if the physical product is unchanged,” adds Östman. “Decades of knowledge have been poured into the development of this platform, so we’re excited to see what it can do in the future.”

The AirC platform will first launch with ML dehumidifiers, before rolling out to other Munters systems.