Modular chillers for ASDA head office


01 July 2019
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Mitsubishi Electric e-Series chillers at ASDA House
Employees at ASDA's head office in Leeds are enjoying the benefits of 10 Mitsubishi Electric e-Series modular chillers.

The three-storey ASDA House building operates as the central hub for the company, housing office and meeting spaces, cafeterias and customer support teams, and needed a versatile cooling system to deliver a comfortable working environment to staff.
ASDA worked with consulting engineers DDA and installers Yorkshire Building Services (YBS) installers to deliver 10 EACV-P900YA-N chillers, providing 900kW of cooling to a wing of the building.

Tim Anderson, health and safety manager of YBS, said: “The installation restrictions were quite challenging, given ASDA House’s location in the city centre, but thanks to the modular design of the e-Series chillers, we were able to quickly get these up and running. It’s also possible to relocate the chillers if needed, which is a significant bonus.”

The e-Series is designed with a common internal header pipe which helps to simplify the design, installation and maintenance of the range. This also helps to reduce space requirements, which made the e-Series the perfect solution given the space restrictions. A combination of highly efficient components and a uniquely shaped heat exchanger within the chiller meant that the e-Series also could meet the low noise levels required.

The chillers will also allow the site to reach the highest energy efficiency standards. With two inverter-driven compressors per module, they have a wide operating range of between 8%-100% capacity, offering exceptional part-load efficiencies. As this is where most chiller systems will operate for most of the time, this capability provides significant real-life efficiency savings.

ASDA House also benefitted from the “plug and play” nature of the modular chillers, meaning the modules could sit on the existing blocks and connect to the building’s duct work. As a result, the team was able to remove the old units and install the new ones in an eight-hour window on a Saturday.

Brian Churchyard, senior manager construction designs standards at ASDA, suggested that this approach could pave the way for managing HFO refrigerant technology moving forward. He said: “A modularised engineering approach, alongside many years of experience and development within our in store refrigerated cooling systems has resulted in significant reductions in trading risk, enhanced efficiencies and industry leading refrigerant leakage reductions.”
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