Modine Begins Chinese Heat Exchanger Joint Venture


02 February 2016
Modine, the US-based owners of Airedale International, has moved deeper into the Chinese heat exchanger market with the announcement of a joint venture with the Jiangsu Puxin Heat Exchange System Company.

The Chinese firm makes heat exchangers for vehicles. The joint venture with Modine will help the US company to expand its stainless steel heat exchanger business into the commercial vehicle market.
Modine holds a controlling share of the joint venture, called the 'Modine Puxin Thermal System (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd'. The factory is 200 miles northwest of Shanghai in Yangzhou.

Scott Bowser, Modine's Vice President for Asia said:
​"We are very pleased to have closed this transaction, which will help Modine strengthen and grow our position as a leading provider of cost-effective, thermal management solutions for the global vehicular markets."
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