Mitsubishi Electric welcomes MECH-iF


16 April 2024

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an air-cooled chiller with a new proprietary single screw compressor designed to offer greater energy efficiency and high reliability for a longer operating life.

The MECH-iF range offers capacities from 345kW to 921kW and is available with R1234ze (G04) or R513A (G05) refrigerant and the new variable speed compressors.

MECH-iF is viewed as a milestone in the company’s air-cooled screw chiller portfolio, paving the way for the development and integration of proprietary core technologies.

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The MS variable speed compressor is designed with Symmetrical Compression Load for reduced and balanced loads to ensure bearing lifetime of over 150,000 hours (17.5 years). All bearings are in low-pressure regions which means they can be lubricated without the need of an oil pump, thus ensuring a better durability of the compressor’s operation.

Variable Vi technology allows the automatic internal volume ratio adaption by means of the integrated slide valve, ensuring the best efficiency in any working condition, and making the MS single screw compressor the ideal solution for any application.

In addition, a patented oil return circuit ensures the complete lubrication of the bearings, the perfect coupling between the casing and the screw, and total sealing between moving and static parts.

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