Mitsubishi Electric chillers for Jaguar Land Rover


23 July 2018
A Mitsubishi Electric e-series chiller system has been chosen with the aim of improving energy efficiency at the Jaguar Land Rover  design facility in Worcestershire.
Mitsubishi Electric developed its e-series modular chiller to provide a low-carbon, cost-effective option. Its modular approach allows up to six individual units to be connected, providing a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. This approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.
Mel Baynham at Jaguar Land Rover said: “We looked at a number of chillers, but the Mitsubishi Electric system met all of our requirements, including next day delivery. We pushed for modular due to the fact that if a unit went down we would be able to keep the system running while that module was being repaired. It also needed to be a highly efficient system capable of looking after a design office containing 2,000 people.”
The system, which comprises two inverter driven compressors that allow it to operate between 8%-100% of capacity, was designed by Norvent Pipework and the installation was carried out by IDS Electrical. The system consists of eight EACV-P900YA-N e-series cooling-only chillers, plus eight MELCOBEMS MINI interfaces, which provide individual indoor unit connections to a third-party Trend Controls Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) via RS485 by either Modbus RTU or BACnet from a common platform.
More information can be found here.
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