Mexichem backing fight against illegal imports


17 June 2019
Refrigerant manufacturer and supplier Mexichem is supporting the European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC) in the fight against illegal refrigerant imports.

EU regulation of individual HFC quotas has been instrumental in the fight against climate change. However, this has also triggered a rise in unlawful imports, with restrictions being bypassed by criminals and illegal gases making up more than 20% of the quota and exceeding the EU’s HFC cap.
Mexichem has joined the EFCTC’s efforts, launching its own campaign to warn the industry of the consequences of involvement in this trade. The penalties for usage of illegal HFC product include fines, criminal prosecution, damage to equipment and a long-lasting impact on any participating company’s reputation, not to mention potential injury, or even fatality, to users.

The EFCTC’s programme to fight these imports includes an action line which allows individuals to report alleged suspect HFC offerings confidentially to a trusted and independent contractor. It is hoped that this programme will give authorities access to a more detailed picture of the supply chain.

Signs that an HFC product could be illegal include an unknown brand name, no quality certificate or safety data sheet (SDS), no cylinder return process or a price too low to market.

Mexichem’s Klea refrigerants are supplied to major manufacturers and a large share of the aftermarket servicing sector across commercial refrigeration, automotive and stationary air conditioning applications. 
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