Mansfield Pollard backing diversity at every level


07 November 2017
Lou Frankland, left, with Finance Director Allison Howgate, centre, and Joanna Robinson
​Air management expert Mansfield Pollard has appointed Lou Frankland as Sales Director. The company is now led by a board of directors where 50 per cent of positions are held by women; a first in its 150-year history.

With only 9 per cent of the UK’s current workforce in this sector being female, Mansfield Pollard is spearheading a campaign to attract more women to the sector and hopes that other companies in the industry will follow. The company is led by Managing Director Joanna Robinson, who believes that a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that drive innovation. Record growth in the last 12 months has been based on the company’s ability to respond to  customer needs and continue to provide new products and service offerings.
Lou Frankland spent 16 years in specification sales within the industrial/commercial lighting industry, where she moved up through the business from the sales department to Head of Sales and Marketing, and finally Sales Director in 2011. Her role was to develop the vision and implementation of the company’s sales and marketing strategy which ensured healthy profit and growth.
Her immediate priorities at Mansfield Pollard are to develop the sales structure across the different business divisions, implement key strategies to develop short-term business and delivering long-term growth via strong specification routes. She will also work with other members of the board to promote the manufacturing industry in schools and to young people more generally and to explain that the profession works with cutting-edge technologies and has excellent career prospects in an expanding market, for men and women alike.

Joanna Robinson said: “Diversity matters, and companies are 15 per cent more likely to perform better if they are gender diverse. The different ways women approach issues add to the flexibility and resourcefulness of an organisation. 
We are delighted to welcome Lou to the team and shine a light on gender diversity within our industry, but there is no room for complacency. If our sector is to thrive we need to be looking at the entire talent pool and that means ensuring that women have the right skills and opportunities, and are shown that a career in this sector is diverse, exciting and can provide equal opportunities for all.”
Lou Frankland said: “Mansfield Pollard has a long-standing reputation for quality and excellent customer service; A solutions provider who will work with the customer to deliver the perfect end result.  The role provides an opportunity to build on the strong foundations already in place, working with a great team of people who understand what the business is here to deliver.  My experience in specification sales should assist in the future growth of the business, and with some focus in key export markets, I believe we have the perfect combination for a successful future.
“Supporting Joanna on her quest to promote the industry is really exciting, and I am looking forward to helping spread the message to women and girls that engineering offers fantastic career prospects and the opportunity to improve society by contributing to ground-breaking projects that will really make a difference.”

  • Mansfield Pollard is a leading provider of industrial air handling units, refrigeration, controls and ductwork, and acoustic control solutions. The firm has evolved from being a manufacturer of equipment to become a provider of bespoke design and build solutions for complex and challenging air management applications.
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