​Mansfield Pollard aiming to grow acoustics business


04 May 2018
acoustic enclosure mansfield pollard
Mansfield Pollard supplies acoustic enclosures worldwide
Yorkshire-based air management specialist Mansfield Pollard has announced a collaboration with leading acoustics consultancy G Hall Associates.

Mansfield Pollard also supplies acoustic control equipment and G Hall Associates will be working to develop its market share in the offshore and energy sector.
Lou Frankland, Sales Director, Mansfield Pollard, said: “This partnership will strengthen Mansfield Pollard’s position in the market, providing even greater reach to untapped segments.”

Gary Hall, Director, G Hall Associates, said: “There is a shared culture between the two organisations in the way that they view and approach the noise control industry. We are proud to be partnering with a company that has invested in testing to the latest standards and is committed to product development.”
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