LG welcomes flammables guidance


20 March 2019
LG Electronics has welcomed recent news of guidance from the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) relating to worker safety when handling flammable refrigerants.

Shaun Yeats from LG said: “We believe it is key that FETA has recognised the importance of the need for this new advice and guidance. Happily, these recommendations and guidelines match LG’s installation recommendations and technical data.”
Neil Afram, managing director of LG distributor Space Air, said: “I look forward to seeing the new guidance document and the more detailed advice that will have specific application-based risk assessments, later in the year.

​"We understand that the latest flammables guidance will focus on assessing risk in the workplace to ensure compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations to include all RACHP installations. These guidance documents are expected to be applied by all industry sectors from specification and installation stage to final commissioning and maintenance.”

LG offers a wide range of products designed for R32, which is classified as an A2L refrigerant.

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