LETTER: We welcome calls for agreed IAQ standard


14 June 2017
Ahead of National Clean Air Day tomorrow (15 June), we publish an open letter from Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products:
We welcome the recent calls by the Clean Air in London campaign for an agreed standard of Indoor Air Quality in new buildings.

The campaign, backed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), is urging the Mayor of London to turn the capital’s buildings into “safe havens” against outdoor pollution.  The proposal has been timed to coincide with National Clean Air Day on 15 June.

At Waterloo, we understand the impact of good air on Londoners.  We have supplied grilles, diffusers and other air terminal devices into some of the city’s most notable new buildings, including Embassy Gardens and the Francis Crick Institute.  

Clean air benefits the health and well-being of the people using a building, which also means it’s good for business. It improves concentration and productivity, and it helps to maintain the right environment for vital scientific research or healthcare provision. 

The impact of pollution is huge.  An EU review estimated at six million working days a year are lost across the UK from pollution-related illnesses.  Asthma UK says that two-thirds of people with asthma suffer worse symptoms and an increased chance of an attack. 

We welcome anything that further supports existing regulations, which already include provisions to make sure that people get oxygen-rich air.  Approved Document F sets out the requirements for the number of air changes per hour, with set guidance for everything from hotel rooms to underground car parks.

We’re often asked to give advice on specifying the best air terminal devices to deliver the right volume of air into a building.  We also work with trade associations like BESA to achieve best practice in the industry.  We welcome conversations with anybody who would like to discuss how air quality in buildings can be improved.
Rick Edmondson
Waterloo Air Products

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