Lennox targets new markets


12 October 2022

Lennox EMEA highlighted its ambition to Redefine Refrigeration and HVAC at Chillventa.

Ricardo Freitas, CEO of Lennox EMEA, said: “We are thrilled to attend this new edition of Chillventa, it is for us the opportunity to showcase our brand new products and solutions to our customers and prospects.

"Today, the market is looking for eco-efficient systems, offering a top-level performance with the smallest energy consumption and environmental footprint. This is exactly what we offer today to our customers. This is part of what we call The redefinition of HVAC and Refrigeration.” 

The company is aiming to conquer new markets such as cold storage and industry while reinforcing its status as a leader in food retail and food service with new product lines and solutions.

Chillventa saw Lennox launch its new generation of NK unit coolers, designed for industrial applications in cold storage, and says its robust casing and high-efficiency defrost technology will set new standards of performance and reliability.

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The company has developed new technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of applications such as the DUO CU condensing unit using A2L and a brand-new gas cooler range, GC Neostar and GC V-King.

Lennox EMEA refrigeration products, meanwhile, can be linked together with HVAC rooftop units such as e-Baltic to recover the energy produced by the refrigeration system to heat buildings, providing you with the best performance for the lowest operating costs.

Finally, a new smart building management system, e-savvy, enables every Lennox product owner to remotely manage its entire building refrigeration and HVAC system.