Lennox expands chiller line-up


11 July 2019
Lennox says the latest additions to its range will include the world's first inverter scroll chiller for use with R32.

The extended line-up is said to offer more options for installers and engineers who wish to move away from R410A and R134a to low-GWP alternatives.
New additions to Lennox's eComfort scroll chiller range will give HVAC professionals the chance to use R32 for smaller applications, from 170 to 400 kW. The variable-speed eComfort inverter scroll chiller also claims significantly improved seasonal efficiency, exceeding EcoDesign 2021 standards.

The new Genesis screw compressor chiller range includes options for both R134a and R513A/R1234ze, aimed at helping installers and engineers manage refrigerant phase-down in larger applications.

Alongside the low-GWP options, both Genesis and eComfort ranges will continue to provide support for R410A and R134a. 

Florian Beduchaud, chiller product manager at Lennox EMEA, said: "Today, consulting engineers want clear alternatives to R410A and R134a, which, due to the phase down, have become more expensive and difficult to source.

"Although R410A and R134a are not banned, many installers are keen to switch to take advantage of lower taxes and leak-testing requirements. R32, R513A and R1234ze are the best choices, and introducing these options early gives our customers the best chance to plan their transition at their own pace.''
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