Lateral Thinking Helps HVAC Company Recruit Technical Sales People


29 February 2016
Joe_FranksJoe Franks
​The shortage of skilled technical sales people in the HVAC market is common knowledge. How to recruit the right people into the open roles is a challenge, highlights HVAC recruiter, ThornHVAC.

The recruitment firm, however, has a solution which might help to solve the problem.

​ThornHVAC director, Jason Thornhill said:
​“Many manufacturers are in a position to expand as construction growth pushes demand for their products but they are struggling to find people with the right combination of technical knowledge and sales experience. 
“One way they are overcoming this is by recruiting people from related industries such as architecture and engineering who understand the priorities of the industry but haven’t worked for a manufacturer before.”
​Jaga, the radiator manufacturer, went beyond its normal sources for finding effective technical sales people. Recently, the business appointed Joe Franks, who has a background in architecture and technical services, for an open role for sales manager in the South West of the UK. 

​Joe explains his success:
​“I think that’s because I’m far more than just a salesman selling a product - this is very much a consultancy role where I can offer real knowledge and service and provide useful input in the design process.”
“It’s about finding the right product or system for the right application and having the technical knowledge and understanding to back up and justify that decision.”
​He concluded:
​“I’m used to dealing with M&E consultants, so I understand how they work and what they need, and in-house training from Jaga has given me strong product knowledge and a solid understanding of each product’s applications and benefits.”
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