Lack of skills force increase in labour costs


30 August 2022

A recent poll across FETA members highlights a significant concern in the lack of available skills across the built environment, leaving businesses struggling to recruit, retain experienced personnel and meet increasing labour costs.

With 43% of respondents to the poll citing the labour market as the biggest issue facing their business, it’s clear that recruitment has become a significant problem for FETA members; however, this is by no means the only area of concern. Availability of raw materials (21%) and rising energy costs (14%) was also high on the list of issues being faced by respondents – problems that could well get worse before they get better.



Chris Yates, FETA chief executive, commented on the findings: “The results of this poll reflect the challenging labour market and ongoing skills shortage in the industry. At FETA, we are committed to supporting members struggling to fill vacancies by assisting our associations in the development of training pathways and encouraging employers to explore recruitment schemes such as the Government’s Way to Work programme.”

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The Way to Work campaign is a national push to fill vacancies and help individuals back into work. Those looking to fill a vacancy are allocated a named employer adviser in a local Jobcentre and granted access to various recruitment services.


For advice on business recruitment, call the Employer Services Line on

0800 169 0178 or email [email protected].