Keeping track of HVAC corrosion


15 June 2021
The Hevasure Aquila

Intelligent corrosion control expert Hevasure is now offering three separate monitoring products that track the condition of closed-circuit water-based HVAC systems.

The fully-integrated systems incorporate a range of high quality sensors, connected to a sophisticated data acquisition system. Water characteristics and corrosion rates are remotely monitored in order to detect adverse conditions that could lead to corrosion damage, alerting users if intervention is required.

The Aquila range provides full water monitoring, detecting the parameters that signify corrosive conditions at all stages of a HVAC system's life - from precommission cleaning to handover and beyond. Parameters checked for include dissolved oxygen, chemical dosing levels, make-up water flow, pressure and pH.

Aquila: The standard Aquila unit includes cloud connectivity, with real-time data accessible via a sophisticated dashboard viewable on laptops and mobile devices. Alerts are sent direct to users via SMS or text message.

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Aquila-s: BacNet enabled, Aquila-s allows direct connection to a BMS system with pre-set alarms and intelligent messages, designed for high security locations where external transmission to the cloud is prohibited.

Hevasure Condor: Focuses on detecting corrosion, with parameters covered including galvanic currents, crevice corrosion and pitting attacks on steel and copper. As with the Aquila device, real-time data is transmitted to the cloud where users have dashboard access via laptops and mobile devices, backed-up by automatic alarming of issues.

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure, said: "By creating three versions of Hevasure's 24/7 data acquisition technology, we can now better service different types of customers, from large commercial buildings requiring a complete picture of water condition - of benefit to specifiers, M&E contractors, building owners and FMs; to smaller systems, where those responsible need a cost-effective early warning system for corrosion, preventing the extremely expensive damage this can cause."