Keeping it simple boosts Fujitsu's relaunched rewards scheme


18 October 2017
More than 600 members are now enjoying the rewards of Fujitsu’s relaunched Comfort Club rewards scheme.  

By making life as simple as possible for customers and giving distributors more opportunity for building relationships with the end user, Fujitsu says the decision to take the Comfort Club in-house has been more than justified.
Making the scheme voucher-only has further streamlined the way it works. For every £50 a customer spends on Fujitsu splits, multi-systems or VRF systems, plus options and accessories, they receive £1 in vouchers. So spending £5,000 earns £100 in vouchers.

That simplicity is the key according to Damian Knapp, customer service administrator at Fujitsu, who has been managing the club since it was relaunched in July 2016.

He said: “Essentially the Comfort Club is a rewards scheme that works in a simple way compared to how it worked before. We have put the focus on customer ease - that was the biggest driver. We also wanted to make it as inclusive as possible for distributors and their customers.

Fantastic feedback
“Previously the customer had to enter all the invoices and manage the points online. Now that we handle this in partnership with the distributor, all the customers have to do is claim their rewards.’’

The new system sees the distributors involved throughout the process and Damian believes this is helping them to develop relationships with their customers.

He said: “The distributor is involved from the outset now. They are supplied with dual-branded registration forms and they also hand over the vouchers to the customers when the claims are made. They were previously almost completely out of the loop but now they get more chances to catch up with customer and build the relationship.

“The distributors don’t get points, or rewards, but they get access to a scheme which is ultimately very rewarding for them in terms of positive interactions with customers. The feedback we have had from distributors has been fantastic.’’

There has been a steady stream of new applicants each month since the relaunch, with members ranging from sole traders to large-scale installers and building services companies. The vouchers available are from a wide range of retailers and the biggest claim to date has been in excess of £5,000 of vouchers.  

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