Keeping it cool with Supra units


03 March 2022

Bradford-based Keep It Cool has added three new rigid trucks to its commercial vehicle fleet, each mounted with a Carrier Transicold Supra 850 MT (multi-temperature) unit.

The new Supra units are mounted to one 18-tonne and two 12-tonne DAF LF rigids, all featuring bodies from Gray & Adams. The trucks represent new additions to Keep It Cool’s growing 18-strong temperature-controlled vehicle fleet, which includes a mix of 3.5-tonne vans to 26-tonne rigids, with all but one now Carrier-cooled.

“We have been specifying different Carrier products for more than eight years,” said Nikki Redhead, founder, Keep It Cool. “They have always been incredibly reliable, easy to operate and driver-friendly – they simply do exactly what we need them to, year-round. On top of the products themselves, what sets Carrier apart is its fantastic service support network. If one of our units ever requires any maintenance, we know we can count on a quick and efficient turnaround, meaning we get our vehicle back on the road with minimal impact to the business.”

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The Carrier Transicold Supra 850 MT units deliver constant airflow, independent of engine speed, which ensures rapid pull-down and extremely accurate multi-temperature set point control. This flexibility allows Keep It Cool to transport a wide range of chilled and frozen food products to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, restaurants and distribution centres nationwide, as well as specialist items, including pharmaceuticals.

On the road seven days a week and clocking up 100,000 kilometres a year, the new trucks and refrigeration units are suited to intensive delivery schedules. Expected to remain in operation up to seven years, the new Supra units are backed by Carrier Transicold’s BluEdge fixed cost full-service maintenance package. 

Carrier Transicold