Keeping gym customers comfortable


12 October 2018

A leisure centre and its customers in Newbury are benefitting from LG air conditioning equipment throughout the building,

The VRF heat recovery system provides all the air conditioning – 56kW of cooling and 63kW of heating – required across the two storey building throughout the year. 
As with most new build projects of this type, the building is essentially a big steel framed ‘warehouse’ with lots of cladding and insulation. It has a large swimming pool inside as well – so the occupants have to cope with the potential heat from outside as well as that generated in the gym and swimming pool inside, and a chlorine rich environment inside in part of the building. There are extensive changing facilities, lounges, offices and administration areas and upstairs, there are a number of studios for group sessions – and these all need cooling.

The LG air conditioning units are both wall mounted units and ceiling mounted four-way cassette units and high-static ducts. The external equipment had to be located sympathetically close to public space and the pipework from the external units to the main building was run through an underground trench – the requirement was for the external equipment to be located further from the building than is often the case, so the client opted for the additional expense of the trenching.

Air conditioning distributor PACAIR works closely with the design and delivery team and were asked to spec the air conditioning for the project. They selected LG equipment – in the region of £60,000 worth of equipment in all.

Nigel Palmer heads up PACAIR’s UK operations. He said: “We have a good relationship with the team and we were pleased to be asked to undertake the air conditioning and heating for this new development. This was an ideal opportunity to utilise LG equipment and the whole project worked very well with close co-operation from the manufacturer ensuring that this was a success.”

The installer stated: “The whole project went as smoothly as it could have done. It’s not a massive site, so it was important that we worked closely with all the other trades involved. It was a phased project, so we were able to move in and get our work done alongside other trades, then move out for a while and get back in to complete areas of the work.

"LG delivered the equipment on a just in time basis which worked really well – we were never left waiting for equipment to arrive. We had a team of six guys working on the project that started in June 2015 and was completed and commissioned at the end of October 2015.

"We install equipment from all the major players in the air conditioning sector and we were pleasantly surprised that the LG equipment was up there with all the others we have experience of these kinds of projects. It’s probably fair to say that the two sector leaders were ahead of the game until recently but LG, like others in the sector, have upped their game and their equipment is very much on a par to any out there. We were very happy to be installing the LG equipment on this project.”
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