Join the brazing revolution with Heat Shield


07 October 2021

Heat-damaged O-ring gaskets? Burnt or charred components? No water available for a wet rag? Keeping things cool on site can be a problem for engineers …

Using a wet rag to stop heat travelling through copper when brazing, soldering and welding is the traditional method of protecting heat sensitive areas around a welding site. If a wet rag can even be found on site, the method presents issues for the engineer. A wet rag can be awkward to position and can fall off the pipe. It can dry out from the inside; attaching itself to the pipe meaning it needs to be doused. Additionally, despite the heat blocking intentions of using a wet rag, heat does transfer to components when welding.

A wet rag can create warpage and damage, as quenching the weld may harden it and make the surrounding metal more prone to cracking.  Components can heat up despite using a wet rag, whereas using a heat blocking putty like the JAVAC Heat Shield, protects the pipe and keeps it cooler for longer.

Proven to block conductive heat transfer, Heat Shield Putty protects pipes, surfaces and sensitive areas from heat damage. Simple to use and reusable up to 40 times, apply the putty to the area that needs protecting; braze, solder or weld, allow to cool, peel off, remould and reuse.

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Technical specification
•    Non-flammable
•    Insoluble in water
•    Direct heat - blocks direct heat up to 2000°F
•    Use up to 40 times
•    Indicator dye - special dye fades over time to indicate when replacement is needed
•    Non toxic
•    Use with Map/ Pro, Oxy/Acetylene, Mig, Tig, Arc and Propane torches

Features and benefits
•    Protect surfaces, valves and other sensitive parts from heat damage
•    Stays in place
•    Doesn’t dry out like traditional wet rags
•    Easier and more convenient to store and carry
•    More reliable
•    No need to find a source of water when on site

No rag, no worries! Time-saving, non-toxic and with a no-mess formula, Heat Shield is the perfect tool for combating conductive heat transference. 

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