ISD starts work on distribution centre


29 April 2019
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Willie Scanlon of Farmfoods, left, with Richard Bowden of ISD Solutions
ISD Solutions has started work on a new distribution centre in Scotland for frozen foods supermarket chain Farmfoods.

The warehouse in Cumbernauld will have a total floor area of more than 17,000m2, with a -22ºC freezer, a +4ºC chiller and an ambient storage area.
Requiring 29,000m2 of Kingspan Composite Panel, the cold store will feature 15% ambient rooflight coverage to supply the warehouse with natural light and a one-hour fireproof separation wall as a passive fire protection measure. 

Work on the North Lanarkshire project at the end of April and expect to complete the project in early September.
It is not the first time that the two companies have worked together. In 2014, ISD Solutions created a freezer, chiller and dry storage distribution centre of similar size at a Farmfoods site in Avonmouth near Bristol – close to ISD’s home in Gloucester.

The Cumbernauld project marks the latest in a series of works that ISD Solutions has undertaken in Scotland and the company is keen to win more business there, with Martin Paul recently appointed to head up a new Glasgow-based office.

High standard
Richard Bowden, director of the company’s Special Projects Division, said: “This work in Cumbernauld is a significant project for us, with a considerable amount of composite panel to install with precision and competence. And with the roof lighting and firewall installations requiring further technical expertise, it’s an exciting scheme to be involved with. 

“The work we did for Farmfoods at Avonmouth was five years ago now and we are pleased to see that minimal maintenance has been required since then. We are confident that our work will be of a similarly high standard and that we’re going to give Farmfoods a cold store which will serve them well for many years to come.”

Willie Scanlon, head of property development at Farmfoods, said: “For almost 40 years Farmfoods has had offices and a distribution depot in Cumbernauld. As a business we’ve simply outgrown the current setup here and it has become operationally inefficient. This new development will see us secure and greatly improve our future here for many more decades. 

“This is one of the largest projects we’ve undertaken and we chose to partner with ISD having previously worked together during the construction of our Bristol depot in 2014.’’

​For more information, visit the ISD Solutions website.
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