IOR launches online masterclasses


18 January 2024

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) is launching a monthly series of online masterclass webinars led by industry experts.

Starting on January 25 with an introduction to heat pump types and applications with Ian Fisher, the sessions are primarily aimed at supplementing teaching in training centres for those entering the industry.

IOR President Graeme Fox said: “The IOR is keen to do more to support colleges and provide additional resources for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of RACHP. The IOR’s role is to help to bring colleges and industry together to share knowledge and best practice. 

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“Encouraging high standards in those new to the industry and supporting delivery of training programmes is one of the top priority areas our members have asked the IOR to focus on, and the masterclasses, along with free access to IOR publications for students and a new section of the website for 16-21-year-olds, are all part of the new resources coming out this year to achieve this.’’

The free sessions will be broadcast live and recordings of each class will be added to the IOR website at, creating a valuable teaching and revision resource.

Find out more about the programme and register to attend the live events using the same link.