IOR helps celebrate World Refrigeration Day


28 June 2023

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) celebrated World Refrigeration Day by bringing together a series of different events under the theme of #nextgencooling.

The first event of the day, a technical Cool Talk on cleaning condensers, saw an impressive turnout of over 160 registered participants. This session emphasised the significance of basic maintenance in enhancing overall efficiency and maximising the lifespan of cooling systems. The success of the event demonstrated a growing recognition in the sector for adopting proactive measures to make a substantial difference in energy consumption.

As part of its mission to address skills shortages, the IOR also held a webinar on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) focusing on the importance of industry members engaging with young people in schools and in career fairs and support available from STEMAZING training. By showcasing their passion for the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump (RACHP) sector, anyone working in cooling can help raise awareness of appealing career prospects within the industry as a STEM Ambassador.

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The IOR also took to social media platforms to honour the “Father of Refrigeration”, Lord Kelvin, by sharing some quotes and facts about his remarkable contribution to the field. This served as a prelude to next year’s World Refrigeration Day plans that will mark the 200th anniversary of Lord Kelvin’s birth. Expect a range of exciting happenings celebrating his legacy and promoting advancements in the RACHP industry next year.