Installer optimism for low-carbon future


14 April 2022

Plumbing and heating installers remain optimistic about the future of their businesses as more households explore low-carbon heating solutions, according to new research conducted by Daikin UK. 

Daikin’s latest Installer Confidence Monitor, which surveys members of its Sustainable Home Network, found that nearly two-thirds (65%) see the government’s commitment to net zero and the recent launch of the £5,000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grants as an opportunity for business growth. 

A quarter (25%) believe that up to half of their business will come from installing heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps in the next five years – double what 40% say they are installing at the moment. 

But 91% agree that more must be done to make heat pumps affordable and accessible. And more than two-thirds (67%) agree that the government should support hybrid heat pumps as an important transitional technology for homeowners. 

Iain Bevan, commercial manager, heating and renewables, at Daikin UK, said: “It’s encouraging that Sustainable Home Network installers are seeing the road to net zero as an opportunity, and are confident about the future of their businesses.

“Training is high on the agenda for many, who plan to invest time and money in installation training for both heat pumps (85%) and hybrid heat pumps (51%) over the next 12 months. 

“Hybrid systems can play a big role in advancing mass market take-up of renewable heating technologies. We believe that including hybrids in the Boiler Upgrade Scheme would help it to reach its full potential.”

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Daikin UK’s research found that more than half of its Sustainable Home Network members would be very likely to recommend a career as a heating installer to friends and family, which is good news, as four out of five are looking to recruit in the next five years. 

And while nearly half (45%) are seeing uptick in demand since the government released its Heat & Buildings Strategy, more than four out of five (87%) agree that educating consumers about renewable options will increase momentum further, with around half (53%) believing that homeowners’ understanding of renewable technology is below par at present. 

Bevan added: “We run this survey regularly, to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the installers we work with, and to ensure we’re on hand with the right products, training and business support to help them succeed.

“Educating homeowners is an important part of what we do – whether that’s through the housebuilders, social housing providers and energy suppliers we supply with heat pumps, or through our Sustainable Home Centres.

“Becoming a Daikin Sustainable Home Centre is the top tier of Sustainable Home Network membership, whereby we partner with plumbing and heating businesses to create a local heat pump showroom and installer training centre – so we can lead the movement towards a low carbon future together.”

The Daikin Sustainable Home Network is free to join and offers heat pump installers a wide range of business-building benefits and expertise. The entry level is Sustainable Home Installer, after which there are opportunities to progress to Sustainable Home Expert and ultimately to become a Sustainable Home Centre.

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