INFICON improve response times with new Strix leak detection sensor


03 March 2021

Gas instrumentation manufacturer INFICON has developed a gas sensor with faster response times capable of detecting hydrogen tracer gas with a wide range of leakage rates.  The StrixTM sensor and hand probe connects to the INFICON Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector to form the new Sentrac StrixTM Edition.


Focused on manufacturers of the refrigeration, air conditioning and automotive industries, the Sentrac StrixTM Edition hydrogen leak detector uses a non-flammable forming gas, containing 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, as a tracer gas to find leaks. Diluted hydrogen in this mix is available as a standard shielding gas for welding, generally at a lower cost than helium. The detector does not purge gas through the unit but has the sensor positioned on the probe's tip.  This improves response time and reduces the number of contaminants moving through the unit leading to a reduced maintenance requirement.


Substantial leaks are identified without the detector becoming over-saturated; it handles high levels of hydrogen in the background, enabling the operation to continue even if the workstation should become contaminated with escaped forming gas.

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Unlike other instruments, the hydrogen leak detector, Sentrac Strix TM Edition, does not draw gas into the analysis unit. Instead, the sensor is placed at the tip of the probe, further improving response time. This also reduces the build-up of dust in the instrument, thus requiring less maintenance.


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