ICS Cool Energy extends i-Chiller warranty


01 June 2022

ICS Cool Energy has extended the warranty programme covering its i-Chiller portfolio in the UK to 5 years.

The air-cooled i-Chiller range has been designed with process applications in mind and is said to maintain accurate temperature control 24/7 under highly differing and abruptly fluctuating operating conditions. As of June 1, UK customers who purchase and commission a new i-Chiller from ICS Cool Energy together with the Planned Preventative Maintenance service plan will benefit from the 5-year warranty coverage including both parts and labour, extended from the standard 3-year scheme. 

“Extending the warranty on our flagship process chillers, we want to give our customers the peace of mind and low risk they need to focus on their operations,” said Dave Palmer, general manager of ICS Cool Energy in the UK and Ireland. “The i-Chillers are an established, process-specific technology that leverages over 30 years of expertise and feedback from tens of thousands of units in operation. We want our customers to feel that with this new comprehensive 5-year warranty they can rest assured knowing their temperature control critical processes are perfectly looked after to keep them running.”

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The i-Chiller range is available in capacities from 1.7kW to 210kW to for process cooling applications.

ICS Cool Energy