Clivet remain focused on air treatment with new ELFOFresh EVO


01 March 2021

Clivet has emphasised the important role that climate control systems equipped with an efficient air treatment process can play in effectively containing the spread of airborne viruses.  Highlighting the role of mechanical ventilation, simple design elements such as ventilation rates and filtration efficiency are just the start for reducing the risk of transmitting the disease with products also including electronic filtration methods and UV-C air treatment.


The new ELFOFresh EVO mechanical heat recovery ventilation system from Clivet includes various design features offering air treatment, climate control and efficiency gains.  It has been introduced to the market to serve residential and small commercial applications, with airflow rates between 125 m3/h and 500 m3/h and a compact design of 290mm in height to accommodate installation above false ceilings.


High-efficiency electronic filtration is ISO EN 16890 tested and shown to remove 90% of ePM1 particles from the air passing through the unit.  Sub-microbial particles are subjected to thermoelectric shock through ionisation, destroying their external membrane.  Independent tests certified by the ILH institute of Berlin state that some common bacteria's concentration is reduced by up to 99%.

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DX inverter technology is included to offer both cooling and heating processes along with both free cooling operation and energy recovery, further serving to reduce operating costs through increased system efficiency.

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