Howden to deliver mine cooling solution


25 January 2022

Glasgow-based Howden has secured a contract to supply a mine cooling system for OZ Minerals in South Australia.

The solution from the global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products will be for the complete mine cooling system. Howden’s equipment will ensure safe productive outcomes at depth and bring additional efficiencies to reduce environmental impact for current and future carbon footprint compliance. 

Howden will focus on sustainability and the solution will include closed circuitry on both condenser and evaporator circuits and R717 (ammonia) compressors which emit no harmful CO2 or HFCs. The system consumes no water, using the ambient air as the cooling medium and Howden will supply chillers, air cooled condensers, bulk air coolers, pumps, electronic controls and hydraulic design. 

Camille Levy, president of Howden APAC, said: “Howden works in partnership with customers to create solutions for their needs which are of the highest functionality, while supporting their net zero targets. This project is no exception. Our unique combination of manufacturing excellence, technical and project deliverables, and our global experience, also contributes to the reduction of carbon impact of operations.” 

The use of Howden refrigeration screw compressor technology coupled with first class OEM suppliers of condenser coolers and bulk air coolers were other supporting factors in the successful offer, which will be delivered by the Howden team in China.

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Howden focuses on helping customers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their air and gas handling processes enabling them to make sustainable improvements in their environmental impact.  Howden designs, manufactures and supplies products, solutions and services to customers around the world across highly diversified end-markets and geographies.

The business recently announced its target to be carbon net zero by 2035 through the purchase of renewable energy and carbon free energy; efficiency gains from energy conservation measures; and by renewable energy projects at its manufacturing facilities. The largest impact the business will have on global sustainability will be through its partnership with customers to supply equipment that will make a major impact on their carbon emissions and sustainability.