How to select and size a commercial humidifier


25 June 2024

Condair has released a new podcast for HVAC professionals on how to select and size a commercial humidifier.

In a 15-minute interview with BusinessNet Explorer, Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Condair, explains what should be considered when setting out on a humidifier project.

Dave said: “This podcast will be really helpful for any building services consultant, contractor or FM who needs to understand more about humidification of a commercial premises. Humidifiers are essential in many applications, but projects of this type don’t come along very often. So it can be difficult for HVAC engineers to get the experience needed to successfully design a humidification system. In this podcast, I describe the main elements that determine whether a humidifier should be used in an AHU or directly in a room, which type of humidifier fits what type of application and how to correctly size a unit for an area.”

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This latest Condair podcast is available here as well as on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. Also available on the Condair webpage is Condair’s back catalogue of podcasts. The series of bite-sized, informative audio episodes cover topics like how to use humidifiers for evaporative cooling in AHUs, how to combat static with humidity, humidity’s impact on health and how to use dehumidifiers to reduce ice in commercial freezers.

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