HFO conference programme


12 July 2018
The IOR has unveiled a packed programme for the First IIR Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants in Birmingham from 2-5 September.

With over 70 presentations available, the IOR says the event is the first critical analysis by the international refrigeration community of how HFOs are being applied in practice, the lessons that have been learned so far and the environmental and safety challenges still to be addressed.

Topics covered will include energy performance, commercial refrigeration and chillers, risk analysis, thermophysical properties, compressors and life-cycle climate performance.

Delegates will be able to find out where and how HFOs are being used now, what the experience of those applying these new refrigerants has been so far and what challenges the move to HFOs is presenting.

Visit www.hfo2018.com for the full programme of presentations, more information and to book places.
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