Helping smaller kitchens chill fast


17 June 2021
Friulinox Go is available from Hubbard Systems

Hubbard Systems is now distributing Friulinox's compact ‘Chilly' and ‘Go' ranges of blast chillers and blast freezers in the UK. They are designed for operators looking to take advantage of food preparation systems like cook-chill and cook-freeze, but who only have limited space.

The Go series is a range of compact blast chiller/freezers available in a choice of capacities. The smallest unit has a capacity of 8kg chilling, or 5kg freezing, while the largest offers up to 55kg chilling capacity, equivalent to sixteen 1/1 GN pans. All models are capable of lowering the temperature of food from +90°C to +3°C in less than 90 minutes, allowing it to be stored for up to a week, retaining all the moisture and flavour perfectly. In freezing mode it can lower the food's temperature from +90°C to -18°C in 240 minutes.

For locations with extremely limited space, the Chilly is an ultra-compact blast chiller/freezer. It includes the same technology as its larger Go counterparts, shrunk down to just 560mm wide by 520mm deep and 560mm high. It can chill up to 12kg and freeze up to 8kg in the same time as its larger counterparts.

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