F-Gas on menu at FETA Lunch


05 May 2022
Paul White addresses guests at the FETA Lunch

More than 600 people attended the 31st FETA Luncheon at The Brewery in London’s Chiswell Steet.

Actress, comedian, impressionist and author Ronni Ancona was guest speaker and, referring to the current review of the F-Gas Regulations, FETA chairman Paul White said: “The EU has taken a more ambitious line than expected and the UK is also expected to challenge industry to find more environmentally friendly solutions and I know this is a subject close to Ronni Ancona’s heart through her ambassador role with the Environmental Investigation Agency, which has strongly challenged governments, and thus our members, to do more for the environment.’’

He also touched on the Energy-Related Products Framework for the UK, starting to go through the consultation phase and beginning with heat pumps. He said it was essential to work with government to maintain common standards, adding: “We must recognise the divergence between the UK and Europe on net zero targets, whilst still working to make the UK an attractive market to do business in for multinational companies.’’

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