Health benefits for Jet


28 August 2018
HVAC specialist Jet Environmental has demonstrated its growing influence in the pharmaceutical sector with projects for the NHS, Alloga, Great Bear, Waymade and PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution. 

The Jet Environmental team is responsible for designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining systems which control temperature and humidity in open plan industrial and commercial warehouses.
Managing director Jason Hibbs said: “Warehouses that store pharmaceutical products must comply with MHRA regulations. Even ‘ambient’ requires a level of control to limit the maximum internal temperature.

“In addition, manufacturers stipulate product-specific recommendations that often have more stringent temperature tolerances than the MHRA. For pharmaceutical businesses, this requires a responsible person to constantly monitor and provide continual compliance reporting, which can add pressure to businesses. Our aim is to relieve that pressure.” 

The company has worked to provide the environmental conditioning needed by pharmaceutical companies and now specialises in the sector. Hibbs added: “We offer a complete environmental solution to drug manufacturers and distributors. This comprises bespoke system design, quick installation and a solution that monitors itself from a matrix of sensors. System monitoring and self-adjustment is recorded for proof of environmental compliance, with the added facility of remote connections to smartphones. And it’s working: we estimate that over 50% of medicines prescribed in the UK pass through a warehouse distribution centre where the temperature has been controlled by Jet Environmental.” 

Jet Environmental designs systems that incorporate free cooling techniques and smart control philosophies that minimise cooling plant operation where possible. Hibbs said: “Our goal is to become the ‘go to’ provider of temperature control systems for the pharmaceutical sector and I think we’re well on the way.”
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