Hawco to distribute Panasonic CO2 condensing units


04 November 2019
refrigeration condensing unit CO2 natural refrigerant commercial panasonic Hawco
Alfredos Armaos of Panasonic, left, and Martin Butler of Hawco
Panasonic UK has announced Hawco as a distributor of its CO2 condensing units.

The range has been developed for small to medium capacity applications within the retail and food service sectors and is said to be particularly suited to small supermarkets, convenience stores and garage forecourt retail operations. The CO2 Cold Chain units are suitable for both refrigerated and freezer showcases, walk-in freezers and cold rooms, and refrigeration within the restaurant and hotel sectors.
Martin Butler, Commercial Director of Hawco, said: “We were conscious that from 2022 all new condensing units used for refrigeration will need to be installed using a refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) of 150 or less. In practice, only a handful of refrigerants meet this criterion, with R744 (CO2) being the most appealing for most commercial cold room applications.”

Alfredos Armaos, UK Country Manager at Panasonic, said: “We welcome Hawco on board as a UK distributor of our Cold Chain CO2 condensing units. This will help us and our customers across the UK embrace the changing world of refrigeration and help to minimise future risk to businesses. CO2 seems to be the best way to go for refrigeration needs.”

The range has been in development for more than 10 years and Panasonic says more than  10,000 units have been installed worldwide. 

Hawco will be inviting contractors to attend a training session at Panasonic HQ in Bracknell on  December 5, with further training sessions scheduled for 2020.


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