Hanwell upgrades iSense monitoring


12 May 2021

Hanwell Solutions is relaunching an enhanced version of its iSense self-contained transmitter, which enables remote monitoring of goods in transit via wireless 3G mobile technology.
The iSense unit is said to provide total visibility of an operation as well as compliance data – ultimately helping to reduce the amount of product lost from temperature damage.

As well as measuring temperature and humidity in trucks, iSense can also remotely access locations that previously seemed inaccessible, including buildings, machinery and infrastructure. A number of different sensors can be attached in order to monitor energy, pressure, structural stress and many more.

Sending alerts to mobile devices, laptops or PCs if parameters are breached, iSense monitors a huge variety of conditions, from the state of a fridge or freezer containing life-saving drugs and vaccines stored in a hospital, or pressure levels of a hazardous liquid in an oil tanker, to the shock and vibration affecting a bridge, as well as keeping check on the energy consumption of a school.

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Linked to Hanwell’s EMS, iSense transmits comprehensive analysis and historical data via 3G  mobile technology to a central database for immediate viewing, recording and assessment. This prevents the need for staff to travel to remote locations for readings, saving on time and money, and with the added bonus of real-time data, rather than retrospective results given by data loggers. The range has been designed to comply with the RoHS and WEEE EU directives and carries the CE mark.

Derek Richardson, Hanwell’s international sales director, said: “With the recent massive growth in internet sales and thus a surge in transportation of goods across and beyond the UK, it’s become more important than ever that companies can closely monitor the integrity of their shipments or freight, wherever they’re headed. Data loggers are fine for retrospective monitoring but, as well as its multitude of other features, a solution like iSense gives an instant notification in the event of a breach even if you’re not on site, allowing for immediate investigation and, if possible, rectification.''

Hanwell Solutions